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The Introduction to Feminisms Taping Project

Class List
Class # Runtime Class Title
Class 1 58 minutes Introduction
Class 2 94 minutes Placing Women at the Center of our Thinking
Class 3 94 minutes Women's History
Class 4 91 minutes Women and Honor: Anger, Lying, and Silence
Class 5 90 minutes Telling Our Stories
Class 6 96 minutes Unlearning Racism: On the Meaning of White Superiority
Class 7 97 minutes Loving Women, Gender Bending, and Sexuality
Class 8 95 minutes Economic Justice
Class 9 95 minutes Women, Immigration, and the Global Economy
Class 10 94 minutes Sexual Harassment: Race, Class, and Sex
Class 11 96 minutes Domestic Violence: Strategies for Prevention and Resistance
Class 12 102 minutes The Politics of Rape
Class 13 92 minutes Women's Bodies and the Body/Politic
Class 14 65 minutes Our Right to Bear Children
Class 15 98 minutes Women's Health
Class 16 90 minutes Towards a Progressive Feminist Movement
Class 17 77 minutes Women’s Spirituality/Opening the Heart
Total 25 hours, 24 minutes

Lectures copyright 2008 Bettina Aptheker, Eric Zamost, and The Regents of the University of California. All rights reserved.